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Allen Willette

Neuromuscular Therapist, Health

Hi, I'm Allen Willette - AKA, 'Tennis Elbow Tutor'

Allen Willette's Bio:

I've had a passionate interest in tendon problems - especially Golfer's and Tennis Elbow - ever since I suffered though a grueling "Tendonitis" episode 25+ years ago.   Over the past decade or so I've specialized in helping people recover naturally from their Tennis and Golfer's Elbow (and other injuries) "first hand" and virtually:   In person, at: Body In Balance, my Neuromuscular Therapy clinic in Corte Madera, California (Marin County / San Francisco Bay Area)... And virtually, at: Tennis Elbow Classroom through my self-help video program and Skype-video consulting.     And here are some of my other profiles, sites and blogs:   Video Channels:   Blogs   Tennis Elbow Classroom on Tennis Elbow Classroom on Tumblr Tennis Elbow Tutor on Blogger   Podcast Syndication Networks:   Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on iTunes Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on SoundCloud Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on Libsyn Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on Stitcher Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on TuneIn Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast on Google Play   Curation Platforms   Miscellaneous:      

Allen Willette's Interests & Activities:

I live to hike, particularly on the trails of Mt. Tamalpais - and especially on the hottest days of the year - 90+ degrees, ideally - What I like to call, "Sauna Hiking."

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